If you’ve ever tried marketing your own ecommerce store, then you might know that driving traffic and generating sales requires research,data-driven decision making, adaptive thinking, efficient methodologies, and ingenuity. However, it takes time and years of experience to execute correctly Luckily, we the experience and resources so you don’t have to. Our digital marketing services save you time and money so that you can focus on the other important aspects of your business.

Services We Provide:

  • PPC Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO
  • WooCommerce Modifications
  • Branding
  • Web Development

Digital Marketing

From ppc campaigns to social advertising and brand building initiatives, you can rest assured that we will roll up our sleeves and dig through mountains of research, metrics, analytics, and insights and come out on the other side with a plan to create and optimize a campaign specifically for your online store.

Ecommerce content marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing for Ecommerce stores can work wonders for a site because like SEO, it results in higher amounts of organic traffic, which is the best kind there is. Creating value through on-site content involves enhancing page content, creating videos, imagery, and maintaining a valuable blog. At Signa Marketing, it will always be quality of quantity, because that’s how we create long term value through increased lead generation, increased site authority, and more inbound links that funnel visitors to your site.

PPC for ecommerce

PPC for Ecommerce

Our ppc (pay per click) campaigns are always designed with the end goal of having the user convert. Whatever your budget may be, we’ll make it go the distance with strategic keyword targeting that funnels high quality, relevant traffic to your site and reduces ad spend. We also design and optimize custom landing pages to help customers convert in as few clicks as possible.

Content marketing specific to ecommerce

SEO & Content Marketing Specifically for Ecommerce

The best traffic is organic and the goal of any digital store is to rank on the first page of search engines above your main competitors for multiple search queries. Our services specialize in increasing your visibility through SEO efforts and content marketing. Our process begins with a comprehensive SEO site audit, so we can develop an SEO strategy with target goals and expectations.

After the site audit, our SEO efforts are near endless. To simplify things, what we focus on is resolving your site’s technical issues, identifying your most important keywords and restructuring pages and rewriting content so that it strengthens page’s purpose and improves site visibility. We also handle several off-site initiatives such as high quality link building and influencer marketing.

Social media for ecommerce sites

Social Media

We use social media to drive sales and user engagement on every social platform. Our strategy-driven choices will direct new and returning customers to your store.

In the beginning, we’ll optimize your social channels and set them up for success in the future by utilizing the industry’s best practices. This includes, observing competitor strategies, customer behaviors, and reviewing your current social strategies and trends in your industry.


At Signa Marketing, we are able to design and build you an entirely unique ecommerce site or take your pre-existing site to the next level. We make sure that they are responsive on every device and cater to the user’s experience by ensuring short load times and user-friendly navigation.

Responsive web development & design


Ecommerce sites like all sites require continuous updates. We know your inventory is your bread and butter so we make sure to keep your site up to date with all of your products, inventory lists, product images, product pricing, promotional imagery, and anything else needed. Our processes have become highly efficient over the years and now we’re able to save online stores, like yours, time and money.

Site maintenance and management