Facebook as a social platform receives 8 billion average daily video views from 500 million users. A Facebook ad video allows a ton of leverage for storytelling and it’s only growing from here.

It is our nature as humans to be entertained, whether it be by making us laugh or feeling like we walked away with an emotional touch from a story. And one huge aspect of this is constantly wanting to feel like we never wasted any time.

With so much noise in different markets, people are easily put off by obnoxious ads and by companies looking to sell with no presentation of real value initially.

This is why storytelling is so crucial in Facebook ad videos (and always has been), and why your brand needs to be utilizing it.

Storytelling with Video Ads on Facebook

Storytelling is nothing new and at the end of the day, it is what drives successful advertising campaigns. It literally comes down to, “who told the best story”.

People need a deeper reason as to why to choose you over the competition in your market other than your rock-bottom deals. Tons of businesses claim to have the best deals, so you claiming to have the best deals, product, or service, becomes noise in the market.

With a great story, you differentiate yourself from the competition and make yourself stand out, this should always be a part of your social media marketing strategy.

Product or Service Launches

Launching a new product or service can be an exciting time, with all the hard work put into it and anticipating how the market is going to respond, it can definitely keep you up at night. Using video to market your new product or service allows you to present the value behind it with almost zero effort from the user.

Focusing on the ideal length of a Facebook video ad, making sure it's engaging, straight to the point, and bringing the most value possible to the user in exchange for their attention is critical in having successful video campaigns.

Facebook Ad Video
Facebook Ads examples from searchenginejournal.com

Highly Targeted Audiences

Video ads on Facebook targeting abilities are through the roof, which gives us marketers the leverage we need to run highly targeted video campaigns to people who are going to be most interested in what we have to offer.

From targeting broad demographic groups and interests to your own email lists, Facebook makes it very possible to run efficient video ad campaigns.

Content that Mobile Users Love

Remember how people like to be entertained? Well, about 65% of video views occur from mobile users. Facebook has made great enhancements to its mobile app making it easier for users to consume content, and that makes video viewing that much easier, focusing on the Facebook video ads best practices.

Since videos on Facebook mobile do autoplay, it allows a chance for the user to see a glimpse that may catch their attention, and turn into an actual video view. Video views are not counted as a view unless the user reaches 3 seconds of viewing the video.

Analytics For Your Facebook Ad Video

When running video ads on Facebook, you are not running them blindly by any means. Video ads can be analyzed at a great depth such as seeing how long people are engaged with your video or what actions are users taking next after viewing your video.

Cost Effective - Get a Lot of Bang for Your Buck

Many clients ask us, “Ok, so how much does video advertising on Facebook cost?”. The answer is whatever you want it to cost.

Ok, we’ll be a bit more specific.

Facebook’s advertising platform can be run at a fixed cost or as an auction-based cost model. This can get very complex and it is what you hire an agency like us for.

But the truth is, whether you have a small budget or a large one, it is possible to run video ads and get a good bang for your buck.

We have often seen video views as cheap as $0.02 a view. Yes, $0.02 a view. Now if you receive 1000 views, don’t go thinking half of those are leads or sales, but what does exist there is a ton of potential to get your message out to the right target audience.

Be sure to check out Neil Patel’s video on how to improve your Facebook videos:

The Takeaway

As advertising mediums keep evolving, there will always be new ways on how to tell your story as a brand, but the main variable in all of this is the Story. If you have a great story, then most likely, you will see positive results.

Facebook ad video is only one of the mediums out there, but it is one that offers insanely in-depth targeting abilities and gives video storytelling a near-perfect environment for your brand’s story to reach the right people.

If you don’t have time to develop your Facebook Ad Video strategy, you can always consult with an experienced marketing professional.

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