At Signa Marketing, our expertise lie in developing marketing communication and campaign initiatives that align with your brand identity and resonate with your audiences. And because of our deep understanding and integration of hispanic culture, we are especially equipped to cater to the untapped Hispanic market with culturally responsive advertisements that result in ROI and growth for your business.

Why This is Your Opportunity

Currently, Hispanics are the fastest-growing group of people in the United States and the U.S. is now the second largest Spanish speaking country – just after Mexico. Yet, companies, though aware of the growing market, still regard Hispanic consumers as a secondary market that is unimportant to the bottom line. However, the Hispanic market has been observed to have a purchasing power of $1.5 trillion and their online behaviors allow digital marketing to be more effective over other mediums of advertising.

According to Google, this market is a leader in the adoption of new devices and the consumption of video content. It’s also been reported, that Hispanics are more likely to access the web through their phone. What does this mean for you? It means your online marketing efforts will be more effective and that your target audiences can be engaged with your content more often.

Behaviors That Increase Opportunity For Your Business

  • Are more receptive to video ads
  • They lead in adoption of new devices, according to Google
  • Hispanics are 17% more likely than non-Hispanics to access the web more through their phone than through a computer
  • Hispanics are 1.5x more likely to buy mobile apps and digital media than non-Hispanics.
  • 75% of all U.S. Hispanics are active Facebook Users
  • Searches for Common Spanish-Language Question Words have increased over the years



We develop creatives that are based on Hispanic insights and set clear objectives to develop a holistic digital marketing strategy. Understanding what drives Hispanic online behavior and cultural nuances are major factors to creating content and campaigns that resonate.

Bilingual & Localized Content

A one-language-fits-all approach has its limitations. It’s more than just translating your campaigns into Spanish. It’s about understanding the cultural nuances and realizing that the Hispanic market requires unique messaging like any other target audience. And within this target audience lies sub-segments which call for more precise marketing, localization, and awareness of cultural diversity.


Based on campaign performance and overall tracking the performance of our Hispanic digital marketing efforts, we find even more growth opportunities, and fine tune our tactics in real time to stay on the cutting edge of the market.