If you’re struggling with increasing your impression share in Google Ads, you're not alone.

Running PPC campaigns is its own ball game within the world of digital marketing which can require much research and knowledge.

Here are some tips to help you boost your impression share in Google Ads.

Tip 1: Are You Maxing Out Your Daily Budget Too Early in the Day?

If you are running ads with a low daily budget, you may hit your daily budget too early in the day, resulting in your ads not showing until the following day thus affecting your search impression share.

Some ways around this would be to of course increase your daily budget, but first, take a look at your keyword bids. You may be bidding too high and paying too much per click.

If the traffic is there, you can try lowering your bids so you can ultimately pay a lower cost per click, allowing you to squeeze more clicks out of your current budget without increasing your spend.

Tip 2: Check Your Ad Position

Having a low ad position does not necessarily mean you will have a lower impression share, but it can definitely be used as an indicator.

If your impression share is lower than 80% and you have lower than desired ad positions, then it’s time to bump up your bids. Make sure you have enough budget to last the day as well.

Tip 3: Check Your Keyword List

Some advertisers may be running several keywords in one adgroup and in some cases, an advertiser will have a low impression share at the adgroup level or campaign level.

Digging into your ad groups to scan through your keyword lists is a good way to find keywords that may be making a dent in your impression share.

In your ad group, at the keyword level, be sure to include the impression share column.

This will allow you to quickly see which keywords have the lowest and highest impression shares.

If you do find a keyword with a very low impression share, decide whether it’s performing and worth keeping or not, if it is, try putting the term in its own ad group for better management.

Google Ads Keywords List

Tip 4: Check Your Quality Score

Quality score, quality score, quality score. If you're new to the PPC game, you’ll get to know this term pretty well.

There is a lot of hype around the term and maybe there should be in most cases.

Google Ads impressions’ foremost objective is to deliver its users the ultimate searching experience, and that means high quality search results.

As an advertiser, if you have low quality scores such as 1/10 – 4/10, then your account may suffer lower impression shares.

The reason being is that if Google does not believe that your ad is highly relevant, then your ad will be limited to the amount of users who get to see your ad, thus your ad and key term receiving a lower impression share.

To fix this, make sure your keyword, ad and landing page are highly relevant and make sure to keep a solid ad position to achieve a good click-through rate.

Tip 5: Bump Up Your Bids

By now, you probably see the pattern and how many of these aspects of Google Ads all work together; Bids, ad position, impression share, CTR, etc.

If your impression share is low, try increasing your bids to achieve a higher ad position.

This will let the Google Ads system know you would like to be competitive and more aggressive.

Tip 6: Use Ad Extensions

This tip is a bit like having a low ad position. It doesn't necessarily mean you will have a lower impression share simply by not utilizing ad extensions.

However, not using ad extensions may affect your quality score, and we now know that in some cases, if you have a lower quality score, your ad may be shown less and will result in having a low impression share.

The Takeaway

Well there you have it, 6 tips to boost your impression share in Google Ads.

Managing and optimizing PPC campaigns whether it be in Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook, etc is not easy work.

It requires time, research, analyzing and the list goes on.

If you have a business and are looking to run a PPC campaign or are already running a PPC campaign and are looking to improve it, don’t hesitate to give us a call or email.

Let us take care of your marketing efforts so you can concentrate on what you know best, your business.

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