Periscope for Online Marketing


In early 2015, Twitter acquired a startup that had not launched yet, Periscope. Periscope allows users to live stream videos straight from their iPhone, iPad or android device and is very similar to the live streaming app, Meerkat.

Some of the main differences between the two lie within Periscopes replay abilities, Twitter sharing opt in and private broadcasting.

But what are some questions us digital marketers, business owners, artists and public figures should be asking ourselves? What exactly lies ahead of us? How exactly can we utilize this within our businesses and brands? What are the positives and negatives?

We live in an age where transparency and honesty are more important than ever, and allowing your users, customers or fans connect with you or your business in a more intimate way, has the potential to strengthen your bond between consumer and brand, fan and artist, and the list goes on.

Periscope delivering it’s live streaming capabilities has the potential to change exactly how we receive information and news. With all this power to deliver a message in real-time now in our fingertips, it’s hard to imagine that the sky's the limit.


Periscope for Artists, Comedians & Public Figures

Periscope is like a dream come true for artists, comedians and public figures in my opinion.

It gives a real chance for them to interact with their fans and audience in a more intimate way compared to receiving a tweet back. With Periscope, fans/audience will be able to see visually how their favorite artist is reacting to the conversation, making it a much more deeper, organic and engaging experience.

In addition, artists, comedians and public figures can make announcements personally and instantly, allowing their audience to get the latest news and updates instantly.


Periscope for Your Business

Many more businesses are embracing transparency and with the launch of Periscope, it takes transparency to a whole new level.

In addition to video marketing (which I hope you are doing already), doing a live broadcast from your store or even warehouse for some behind-the-scenes footage can become very engaging for audience members.

Not only can this create buzz, but it can help your brand as a whole. It can help build customer loyalty, build trust with new potential customers and allow you to send out real-time sale alerts!

Periscope for business is relatively new, so I am excited to see what brands begin doing with it.

As a tip for businesses: Don’t be afraid to try something new as long as you have the right goal in mind. Who knows what live broadcasting can do for your business or brand!


The Worry

Some may already be buzzing around about the negatives of this app, putting people in vulnerable situations to be criticized, bashed and talked nasty to. This of course can and does happen on Periscope, as well as every other social media network out there.

Twitter, compared to other social media networks, does not filter content. However, every social media network out there does have a way of “blocking” a user.

That’s really it.

So in my opinion, I don’t believe that it is something to worry about, especially when Periscope has so much good potential as a means to sharing information, thoughts or news straight from our devices in real-time.


The Wrap Up

Since the launch of Periscope, we have been testing, testing and testing. I have to say, I am excited to see what can come of incorporating live broadcasting into our digital marketing efforts for our clients.

One thing's for sure; we have never had the power to send real-time, visual, live messages to an audience through our mobile devices before Meerkat and Periscope.

So have fun with it, explore, discover and expand your name into uncharted digital territory.

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