Tips for businesses with small AdWords Budget


Running ads on Google AdWords tends to be a challenge for most small businesses in a highly competitive market, especially if you have large national companies dominating every search term in the book. For small business owners, it can become very frustrating and not to mention costly, with no ROI. Many believe that they simply can't afford to run AdWords, and therefore, give up on ppc marketing as a whole.

Well some good news is here! There is another alternative that may gain you high quality, relevant traffic, so you can build momentum and begin to bring in prospects.


Discovering the Potential in Bing

When we begin to dig into a client’s market, looking at past account history in AdWords and find extremely high cost per clicks (CPC’s) and considering their monthly budget, our first thought is “how can we maximize this account’s traffic with the given budget?”

Many times, the answer is "Let’s go with Plan B = Bing ".

Accounted for roughly 30% of the world’s search traffic, Bing has much to offer, from lower CPC’s to lower bounce rates, Bing can generate high quality traffic at a lower cost in some cases compared to Google.


The answer is simple; there is less competition on Bing compared to Google.

Now, this does not mean you should completely forget about the dominating search engine, and if you have a large enough advertising budget to invest in both search engines, we highly recommend to do so.

Overall, this can be a better starting point in your overall digital strategy.

You can start with Bing, begin to capture high quality traffic, set your website up for success to convert and once you see ROI from Bing, then begin to invest in Google if you have the budget to do so.

So at the end, there is still an alternative way to capturing paid traffic without killing your advertising budget completely.

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