What Signa Marketing can do for you.


Paid campaigns are how we help you expand your influence, grow your followership, and build your brand. This can result Which results in increased ROI and increase your brand’s exposure for a more long term strategy, and profit for you. Signa Marketing customizes each campaign to align with the goals of your business. Whether you’re a store owner that wants more in-store sales or a product seller that wants more online sales, we’ll Signa Marketing will put you steps ahead of your competition.

Reach the world - Precise User Targeting

Facebook is the largest online social network and number one app on mobile devices currently. With Facebook’s targeting capabilities, we are able to your target audience and invest your marketing budget on the users that matter the most. By choosing Signa Marketing, we make sure the right message reaches the right people at the right time. We’re able to do this through demographic, interests, device, and behavioral targeting. We learn how your customers navigate the web and target them accordingly.


Target your audience through age, gender, ethnicity, education, income, relationship status, location, and more.


Target your audience through their favorite hobbies, artists, sports, activities, and more.


Target your audience through their purchase behavior, digital activities, and more.

Device Usage

Is your audience using their desktop, tablet, or mobile device.


Target fans of your service or product, friends of fans, or people who haven’t liked the page yet.

Custom Audiences

Target a list of people you know are interested in your product. This list can be people subscribed to your newsletter, people who’ve shopped in your store, etc.

Multiple Ad Types

Facebook not only allows you to find your audience with unmatched precision, but it will allow you to make stronger connections through its multiple ad types that reach your followers in a more efficient and meaningful way.

Among the Many Ad Types are: