Creating a Digital Store

At Signa Marketing, we build online stores that are one-of-a-kind and specially catered to your needs, goals, and audience. We design and build both simple and robust ecommerce stores to handle your exact needs and market. When it comes to ecommerce websites, there are several factors that need attention and the fact is that your entire business depends on your website to perform 100% of the time. That is why we remain on the forefront of ecommerce sales tactics and design, we are especially equipped to handle all the challenges an ecommerce site can present.

Designed to Convert

Every retail business is unique and we take our time to learn every facet of your business, so we can build a site that can create the best user experience for your customers. Every interaction on your site should be meaningful and bring every individual closer to becoming a paying customer.

Each design choice is part of a deliberate effort to ensure your customers understand how to navigate through categories and products, while also making the entire checkout process as simple as possible.

We create awesome user experiences through optimized site speed, effective SEO, intuitive site navigation, responsive designs, tested call-to-actions, and great imagery.

ecommerce site designed to convert
mobile friendly site

Mobile Friendly

One of the goals behind all of our designs is to make the user experience consistent and engaging across all platforms.

25% of digital orders in the US were made from mobile devices and mobile is still on the rise. This means desktop users are still the majority when they hit the checkout page, but mobile users are a growing audience. Search engines on mobile devices also favor mobile-friendly sites as well. It is for those reasons, that you need a responsive site that can cater to all devices.

Your Online Store with SEO in Mind

Search engine optimization for regular, simple websites is one thing, however SEO for ecommerce websites is a whole other ballpark. The fundamentals of SEO are still the same, however because of the nature of different category pages and individual product pages, having an ecommerce website built along with an SEO strategy in-mind makes for a solid foundation once we launch your online store.

ecommerce seo

Go Beyond Your Store - Integrating Ecommerce Initiatives

With the correct campaigning, we will help your store grow and surpass your competition. We’ll help you outpace your competition with innovative SEO, compelling ads, and unique branding. You’ll need campaigns that seamlessly integrate with your Ecommerce site if you want to acquire new customers, entice past customers, generate leads, build your brand, and expand your reach. Getting the most out of your ecommerce store means identifying and utilizing all of your opportunities.