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(Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Did you know that 52.4% of global internet traffic comes from mobile devices? One of the best, if not the best tool for optimizing your mobile website is Google AMP, an Open Source Library that helps us create web pages that load extremely fast. AMP also provides mobile users with a smooth experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

How AMP Works And Why You Need It

Here’s the three core components of Google AMP:

  • AMP JavaScript Library
  • AMP Cache

You might ask, “Google AMP isn’t very different from conventional web page creation, so what’s the point in using it?” You’d be correct that it isn’t very different than regular web page creation. The only difference is that instead of loading a web page yourself, Google does it for you, and Google can do it much faster. How much faster? Google AMP typically loads mobile pages in less than one second according to their website.

Benefits of Using AMP

Now that we know Google AMP is crucial for mobile web page optimization, let’s take a look at some benefits we can expect from using AMP. On top of both fast and smooth page loading is better optimization. While Google doesn’t claim that AMP improves your search rankings, we have seen on several occasions an increase in page position rankings, as long as all other on-site SEO optimizations have been implemented. We’ve also seen from a recent study showing two different ecommerce websites that saw a 20% increase in their conversion rates after using Google AMP. It’s clear that AMP can benefit your conversion rates in a pretty serious way.

Not Using AMP Can hurt You

We know that AMP works to reduce page load times. If page load times increase, so does the bounce rate. 3 second load time? Probability of a bounce increases by 32%. 5 second load time? Probability of a bounce increases by 90%. 10 second load time? Probability of a bounce increases 123%. And like we pointed out before, AMP typically loads mobile pages in less than one second.

The Future of Google AMP

It won’t be long before AMP controls the majority of all webpage loading on the internet. Social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit have jumped on the Google AMP train for a good reason. Other social media companies are likely to follow suit and start linking web pages with AMP too. Not only is AMP being adopted by social media, but social media is being adopted by AMP. Recently, AMP has started their AMP “stories” campaign which emulates Snapchat and Instagram stories. Unlike traditional social media stories, AMP stories don’t die after 24 hours, and can show up in search engine result pages.

Lets AMP Together

Whether it’s creating a meaningful story and showcasing it to your target audience, or being able to load your website or landing page at warp speeds, Google AMP gives us the leg up in mobile optimization. Work with us today so that we can get “Amped” up for the future.

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